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Regular education routes are available now for the 2021-2022 School year. Please enter the address that you requested for your child to get picked up / dropped off at. For example - if your child is getting picked up from a daycare/babysitter, please enter the daycare/babysitters address. Then click on the school and the bus information will be displayed.

If you receive an error message that states to contact transportation, verify the spelling of the street first to make sure it's correct. If it is, please retrieve the auto email you received after completing your survey to make sure your request went through, and then contact transportation.

If you did not complete a survey, you can still request transportation. Please complete a transportation form and submit it. However, we cannot guarantee transportation for the first two weeks of school. If you have any questions, please contact the transportation office at...804.966.9670.

A transportation representative will contact parents who are requesting special needs transportation with bus stop location and times, the first week in September.

Stop consolidation within neighborhoods has continued, in the interest of route efficiency/county growth.

Activity Runs are scheduled to start the second week of school. Activity bus stop information is currently available in a pdf document on the NKCPS website and will be available in web query this upcoming Friday.

Please note: Submitting a transportation form does not guarantee you that your request will be honored. If the request is not honored, a transportation representative will contact you and provide you with available options. Example - Johnny's parents filled out a request to move their bus stop to their residence, instead of using the neighborhood stop. The request was denied and a transportation representative called his parents and explained why.

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